Being a Chopra Center Volunteer means practicing Seva or “selfless service” with a community of like-minded people to support the Chopra Center. You will make genuine connections with people from all over the world, support the vision of increasing self-awareness for expanded global consciousness, and have so much fun along the way! Being involved in this community you have exclusive access to transformative information and are exposed to a network of brilliant authors, thought-leaders, and Deepak Chopra himself. We are a team…We are a community…We welcome you!

Why join the Chopra Center Volunteer Team?

  • An opportunity to give back
  • Be surrounded by a community of conscious-minded people
  • Make connections with people from all over the world  
  • Access to inspirational speaker sessions that include Deepak Chopra
  • Participate in our volunteer Seva Rewards Program. Accumulate points each time you volunteer to redeem for Chopra Center products, online programs, and so much more!

Who are Chopra Center Volunteers?

A Chopra Center volunteer is a loving, kind individual whose intention is to give back to our world. Our team is comprised of teachers, students, veterans, full-time workers, part-time workers and retirees; all who are at some point on their journey looking to give back while being surrounded by a community of conscious-minded people.

What are some of the responsibilities volunteers hold?

A volunteer’s main role is to support the events team by assisting with live events and various office projects. At live events, volunteers support set-up, breakdown, inventory, guest check-in, and they kindly hold space for our guests to have the best experience. They also support guests and staff inside the session room, during book signings, at daily yoga, and at the bookstore to highlight a few. In-office volunteers support the upcoming event by lovingly preparing that event’s program materials, assembling resources, and working on projects specific to that event.

Chopra Center Volunteer Team Opportunities

We have four volunteer opportunities for each event, which are listed below:

Core Team Additional Core Team
  • Main volunteer team at live events
  • Committed to the entire event period 
  • Your commitment starts on Set-Up day
  • Divided into AM or PM Shifts
  • Additional volunteer team at live events
  • Committed to the first two days of the event
  • Your commitment starts on Set-Up day through the first day of the event
U-Haul Prep Day
  • Supports the Set-Up and Breakdown of an event
  • Committed to Set-Up day and the last day of the event
  • Physical ability to lift, bend, carry and move is required
  • Supports the Events Team in-office to prepare for the upcoming event
  • Committed to 10:00 - 3:00 PM on a pre-determined day

Do I get to experience or participate in the program while volunteering?

Yes! Experiencing the event is one of the exciting benefits of our volunteer team. However, it is important to remember that during your shift, your role is to support the needs of guests and staff. As a volunteer you are considered a member of the staff while on-site. Core Team volunteers are given the treat of attending the speaker sessions before or after their shift.

How much does it cost to volunteer? If I live outside the San Diego area, what are my housing options?

Volunteering is FREE and comes with our deepest gratitude. Depending on your shift, we do provide lunch or dinner.  It is the responsibility of the volunteer to find their own lodging and transportation. 

How do I join this amazing community?!

First, fill out the volunteer application on the left. Then, our Volunteer Coordinator will connect with you about the next step.

Testimonial from Past Volunteer

“It is a privilege to be a volunteer. It is a gift to be exposed to the spiritual teachings of Deepak and his featured speakers, and, it is wonderful to be amongst people focused on living the teachings as well.” - Ruby from San Diego, CA

"During one of my visits to Southern California I had the privilege of working as a volunteer at the Chopra Center in Carlsbad. I always wanted to attend an event there but working at the center was extra special.  For me the best part of volunteering at the Center was without a doubt the people, I was touched by the warm hearts and the kindness of all those I meet, my fellow volunteers, the Chopra team and those taking part in the event. The Chopra Center had a fabulous atmosphere and was a beautiful place to spend those days helping out. Really looking forward to my return next year.“ - Carol from Dublin, Ireland

"Being a volunteer at the Chopra Center gave me the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of others, including my own. It is also a great way to contribute in creating a movement of personal and social transformation in the world." - Marily from Zurich, Switzerland 

"I've been volunteering for the Chopra Center for a few years now; I’m probably onto around my 10th time, often flying in from the UK so I LOVE it! Seriously, I do. Over the years I’ve got to meet some beautiful people making some lasting friendships which I truly treasure.  

There’s something very rewarding about donating  time out of your life for service and volunteer work. I know when I give without expecting anything back I always feel a flood of ‘pure joy’ literally! I can only describe it as putting it down to the flood of happy hormones. Not to say we don’t get anything back…as a Chopra Center Certified Instructor I get to refresh what I know, and hear amazing speakers. But much more than this; the gratitude we receive from the staff and the attendees is beyond beautiful. I’m kind of an emotional gal and when we stand there on the stage on the last day and ‘feel’ the love and appreciation from staff and  attendees I get goose pimps…and the tears come. A volunteer isn’t JUST a volunteer…we are an essential part of the machinery and made to feel so... I can’t wait for my next one!" - Debra from York, England, UK