5-Day Meditation and Yoga Retreat

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Date: Jul 07-13, 2019
Fairmont Orchid Resort, Hawaii

Discover a more grateful, light-hearted, purpose-driven, powerful YOU...

With five days of meditation, yoga, community, and total transformation amid the breathtaking beauty of Hawaii—one of the most ancient and sacred places on earth.

As you expand your awareness through meditation, along with wisdom drawn from a blend of ancient Vedic philosophies and modern-day science, you become more capable of seeing all of the richness that life has to offer you. 

Through meditation, you’re able to connect to your divine nature and recognize that you are the co-creator of your world, and that you can consciously create a life that is full of abundance, happiness, health, well-being, love, and purpose. 

And that’s why Deepak Chopra originally created Seduction of Spirit, his signature meditation and yoga retreat over twenty-two years ago. 

Watch this video to see what past participants are saying about Seduction of Spirit:

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What place on earth could be more perfect to reconnect with your spirit than the Hawaiian Islands? Hawaii holds the energy of: 

  • Manifestation and creativity
  • Healing, forgiveness, and peace
  • Pure unconditional love
  • Masculine/feminine balance
  • Empowerment
  • Change, and transformation

The island volcanoes hold the energy of change and transformation, and the Big Island of Hawaii is home to Kilauea, one of the world's most active volcanoes. Active lava flow affirms the Hawaiian belief that the earth is alive and contains mana, spiritual energy—the lava flow is considered to be the earth rebirthing itself.

And while Kilauea is safely 90 miles away from the retreat, the island’s energetic and spiritual gifts will be incorporated into your Seduction of Spirit retreat for a truly unique and transformative experience.


Retreat Details

When you join us at Seduction of Spirit, our 5-day meditation and yoga retreat on the pristine, palm-lined Kohala Coast, you’ll be guided by Deepak Chopra, M.D., world-renowned thought leader and pioneer in personal transformation, to explore the answers to four soul questions:

  • Who Am I?
  • What do I want?
  • What is my purpose?
  • What am I grateful for?

Many of us spend our lives seeking the answers to these soul questions, and often we return to these questions at pivotal moments in our lives, when we suspect, despite our success or where we are on our life path, that there is something missing, something greater.

In truth, your natural state is one of pure potentiality.

And at Seduction of Spirit, you will discover the tools you need to move forward and reconnect with the deepest part of yourself and experience spiritual awakening, emotional well-being, and greater physical health and vitality.

Each day of this life-changing retreat, you'll be immersed in:


Deepak Chopra, M.D., Chopra Center Master Educator Roger Gabriel, and Chopra Center instructors will be your expert guides in daily meditation practices to help you connect with your divine nature, tap into your higher knowing, release internal blocks, experience inner calm and deep relaxation, and move beyond the mind's noise and emotional turbulence into peace and expanded awareness.

PLUS, paid tuition to the Chopra Center’s Primordial Sound Meditation self-paced, 6-session online course is included as part of Seduction of Spirit. Because Primordial Sound Meditation is so foundational to your experience at Seduction of Spirit and integral to your health and well-being, we have included access as a path to establish, or refresh, your own Primordial Sound Meditation practice prior to Seduction of Spirit.

Normally $298, when your register for Seduction of Spirit you’ll receive access to the entire Primordial Sound Meditation On-Demand Course at absolutely no additional cost.

The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success

Each day you will learn how to apply the transformative Seven Spiritual Laws of Success into your daily life so that you can easily integrate these powerful principles when you return home. When you begin to understand and internalize the Seven Spiritual Laws of Success, they will become your guideposts as you create a life of abundance, fulfilling relationships, creativity, and emotional and psychological stability.


You’ll have the opportunity to participate in daily yoga sessions that go far beyond the postures and bring yoga – or the “union” which is your natural state – into every aspect of your being. Yoga practice supports the integration and balancing of all the layers of your life so that your body, mind, heart, intellect, and spirit flow in harmony.

Top Tier Chopra Center Educators

Expect your heart to open, your mind to clear, and tension to slip away in the hands of our expert staff. Experience eye-opening talks and interactive exercises from Deepak and Chopra Center Instructors to help you dive deep and reconnect with your true spirit. You’ll leave the retreat at peace and with a profound sense of inner joy, inspired to integrate your new understandings and your meditation practice into your daily life.

Spiritual Renewal

The big island itself is an estimated one million years old and known for its beautiful beaches, black lava fields, dramatic sunsets, and two spectacular mountains.

Some even refer to the seven islands as the chakra system of the planet since each island vibrates at a different frequency. From the healing properties of obsidian, black coral and olivine to the Kundalini force of the volcano and the Goddess Pele, the spiritual energy of the islands is palpable.

The activity of the Kilahuea volcano is energetically and spiritually cleansing, transforming, and rebuilding. And while we’ll draw upon this energy, the Fairmont Orchid is 90 miles away from Kilahuea, and the air and water quality is pristine.

Deep Connections

At Seduction of Spirit, Hawaii, you’ll come together with like-minded individuals and fellow seekers. You’ll share your journeys, create friendships, and together, you’ll magnify the light you are sending out into the world. Because our individual light is powerful yet limited in its reach, when we come together in shared consciousness, we generate a force powerful enough to illuminate even the darkest corners of the earth.


Escape to an oceanside luxury resort and spa in the magical beauty of Hawaii, and come together with like-minded individuals to enjoy:

  • 6-night stay at Fairmont Orchid Hawaii – a Four Diamond resort hotel featuring an award-winning spa, a 10,000 square foot oceanside pool, six restaurants, a golf course, and a fitness center, situated on 32 oceanfront acres.
  • Unlimited luxury – A one-of-a-kind experience in which your room, 5 breakfasts, 5 lunches, and one celebration luau dinner are included.
  • Gorgeous accommodations – Luxurious suites filled with amenities for your comfort and convenience, including beautiful resort, partial ocean or oceanfront views from a private lanai. 
  • Incredible amenities – Including a world-class spa, room and concierge service, on-site restaurants, a nightly sunset torch lighting ceremony and blowing the pu (conch shell) to the four winds


The world-class meals served at the retreat will primarily be vegetarian, with locally-sourced ingredients and a distinct Hawaiian flair that draws on the rich cultural history of the islands. There will be gluten free options as well, and a traditional Luau for our Friday celebration dinner. The luau, plus five breakfasts and five lunches are included in your reservation. Breakfast and lunch will be outdoor in a beautiful shaded area just above the cove where the view is incredible, and turtles often visit the nearby rocks below.

Breaks in the daily schedule allow for dinner on your own at one of the Fairmont Orchid’s seven restaurants and bars.

We are all travelers on a journey to the heart of life. In our own way and in our own time, each one of us is on a path that leads from constriction to expansion, from limitations to infinite possibilities, from fear to love, and from separation to unity.

It’s time to reconnect with who you truly are, and rediscover the boundless joy that is your true nature at Seduction of Spirit, Hawaii. 

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What the World’s Top Thought Leaders Say About Dr. Deepak Chopra

"Dr. Chopra moves us from the mundane lives that trap many of us to the sacred insights offered by our souls."
—Dr. Mehmet C. Oz, bestselling coauthor of You: The Owner’s Manual

"Deepak Chopra is quite simply one of the greats. How fortunate we are to have his wisdom, his teaching and his love.”
–Marianne Williamson, bestselling author and internationally acclaimed lecturer

“Since first meeting Deepak, it has been my honor to call him friend, colleague, and especially a fellow explorer of the spiritual evolutionary process within the human being.”
–Michael Bernard Beckwith, founder, Agape International Spiritual Center and author of Life Visioning