Awaken to Happiness

Join us for a journey to the heart of happiness!

The Chopra Center's Path to Happiness Series is based on Deepak Chopra's popular books Spiritual Solutions and The Ultimate Happiness Prescription. This is a free, 8-week online series that is easy to access. Simply fill out the registration form and you will receive your first lesson in just a few days.

Each week you will receive a new lesson with inspiration, exercises, and guidance to help you tap into your own inner source of happiness.

Here is the pathway we will be exploring:

Week 1:   Identify Your True Source of Happiness 
Week 2:   Tune into Your Body's Wisdom 
Week 3:   Discover Authentic Self-Esteem 
Week 4:   Detoxify Your Life 
Week 5:   Open Your Heart 
Week 6:   Cultivate the Gifts of Mindfulness 
Week 7:   Replace Fear with Love 
Week 8:   Celebrate

The Happiness Series includes guided meditations, special videos, and other interactive material that you can immediately use to experience the expansion of happiness in your life.

We look forward to joining you for this journey into happiness! 

“The purpose of life is the progressive expansion of happiness and the ability to love and have compassion.” 
-Deepak Chopra