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The Chopra Center is pleased to offer you a selection of free, online programs to give you a taste of our teachings. We hope you'll join us on one of these powerful journeys! 

Are you ready to express your highest beauty? Introducing the concept of Radical Beauty—a six-pillar system to help you find and maintain your most authentic beauty—inside and out. Join Kimberly Snyder and Deepak Chopra on this free, seven-day journey and find out how they’re redefining beauty.Program Info
Want to push past your fears and life challenges? Understanding the mind-body energy system—known as the Chakra system—is the first step to overcoming stagnancy in your life. This free, eight-part series will give you a taste of energetic healing techniques that have the power to transform your life.Program Info
Giving children the tools to fend off negative thoughts and behaviors and build self-confidence and focus is a gift they’ll have for the rest of their lives. Sign up for this free program to learn tools and techniques that you can use as a family.Program Info
We had the experts weigh in on the raw food craze. Dr. Valencia Porter offers the Ayurvedic perspective on raw food, and Kris Carr shares her tips and tricks on how to eat raw and make it totally delicious. She also shares her crazy, sexy recipes for raw food, including recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert.Program Info
Do you want to learn how to meditate but aren’t sure where to begin? Have you tried to develop a meditation practice in the past but stopped because you got too busy, distracted, or frustrated? This free, four-part series will teach you simple techniques that you can start using immediately, so you can experience the benefits of meditation in every area of your life.Program Info
Oxygen is the single most important element that moves through our bodies; we simply can’t live without it. And breathing is the means by which we carry oxygen throughout our bodies. Breathing not only supplies our organs with oxygen, it also helps to remove waste and toxins from our bodies.Program Info
This free 8-week online series is based on Deepak Chopra's popular books Spiritual Solutions and The Ultimate Happiness Prescription. Each week you will receive a new lesson with inspiration, exercises, and guidance to help you tap into your own inner source of happiness.Program Info
Do you ever get the feeling that there is an even greater possibility for your life . . . an untapped potential that you could realize if only you knew how? If so, you’re not alone. That’s why we’ve created our all-new self-paced workbook, Conscious Woman’s Guide to Setting Powerful Intentions .Program Info
Have you ever let yourself dream, without restrictions, hesitations, or boundaries? We invite you to open up to the possibilities for your life. Over the course of five days, we’ll take you on a journey of creating self-awareness, intentions, healthy habits, and expectations that align with your...Program Info
Do you ever feel fatigued, lonely, or overwhelmed about the uncertainty of the future? You’re not alone, and the key to greater peace, happiness, and hope could be in a regular gratitude practice.Program Info